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Health is wealth is not just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle that we live by and have been helping our clients achieve and maintain for over 20 years. Learn more on how we can help you too!


Some awesome client Testimonials

Alan E.
Happy Firm Fit Inc Client
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Superb! I work out with him twice a week, and couldn't be happier or more pleased with his talents. He is a real pro in his work and knows his profession extremely well.
Toby R.
Happy Firm Fit Inc Client
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Conscientious, capable, and good company!!

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Flexibility Training

You will be taught how to figure out your weaknesses and stretch muscles that will balance your body and help prevent injury. Stretching the proper muscles will improve your training program and help you stay injury free.


Pre- and Postnatal Workouts

Whether you are trying to get in shape before an expected pregnancy or if you are working to get your body back in shape after a birth of a child. We can help you train properly so you don’t harm the unborn baby or yourself.


Basketball Skills Training

We will train you in several different ways. We can assess your skill level to figure out what we should be working on the most. Also, if you give us a list of skills you wish us to work on we will do that as well. Whether its defense, dribbling, shooting, post moves and perimeter strategies. 


Weight Training

Training with free weights can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to do it. We will teach you the proper form and techniques to left so you don’t harm yourself in the near and distant future.


Postural Assessment

Assessing ones posture is another way to keep a client injury free. We at Firmfitinc will check your upper and lower gate to see how we can train you to straighten out your posture as much as possible.


Injury Prevention (knee & hip)

Staying injury free for anyone let a lone an athlete can be very difficult. So, keeping a Knee and Hip healthy is key to getting and staying in shape. We will assess your imbalances to train you in an imbalanced way in order to balance your body.

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BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Normal
25 - 29.9Overweight
30 -35Obese
35 and AboveExtremely Obese


Wondering where you might fall in the health spectrum? Calculate your BMI here as a guiding point for your new strategy to a healthier lifestyle.

What are clients say about us


We love hearing from our clients & we know you will too!

Sharon D.

Happy Firm Fit Inc Client


Andre began as my personal trainer after I had lost 20 pounds and wanted to finish the job and firm up. I also had a longstanding shoulder injury in my rotator cuff and my insurance had run out, so I figured I’d see if he could help me continue the work that the Physical therapist began.

After half a dozen doctors and more physical therapists who could neither diagnose what was wrong with my shoulder or make any headway toward fixing it, I began with Andre.

The first time I worked with him, he made an assessment of what was wrong with my shoulder, and why…that was more comprehensive than anyone had before.

He then set about systematically strengthening the muscles around my shoulder, and helping me improve the posture issues that led to the problem in the first place. It has been rough sledding, but my shoulder is MUCH better than it was before.

The other piece to the Andre puzzle is that his approach is holistic. He knows a lot about sports nutrition and which foods help build lean muscle, etc. He asks me write a food log every day and then goes over it with me, to see what I need to work on in my diet to advance the “body sculpting” process.

He does the same thing when I am actually in the gym with him. I jokingly call him “Mean Andre”, because he is unrelenting in his slave driving. But I definitely see results, so I can’t be too upset.

He is very smart about his workout regiment–warmup, then big muscles first and fast to boost the metabolism, alternating from one muscle group to another as each hits the point of muscle fatigue. Next, he hits the smaller muscles for sculpting until I am WIPED.

David A Weinstein

Happy Firm Fit Inc Client


I have been training with Andre aka “mean” Andre since sometime in 2013, and have benefited greatly. I am certainly much firmer and fitter than when we started. It’s been a pleasure working with Andre in the gym on a wide variety of exercises for all aspects of my fitness and strength. He takes into consideration your physical health in drawing up an exercise plan for you to follow, and then changes it up to make it more interesting.

I would heartily recommend Andre as a trainer to anyone who is serious about improving their health, fitness, and strength, at whatever level.

Paulette O. (NBA Mom)

Happy Firm Fit Inc Client


My overall experience with Andre aka Mean Andre @ Firm Fit was excellent. This man knows his stuff ! He’s personable, friendly, dependable, and responsible, …

I’ve developed my knowledge of weight lifting through him. I gained an appreciation for the overall body (training for women that is) whereas before I had preconceived ideas, and assumptions about how things operate in weight training.

I truly thought I’d morph into something masculine but it became quite obvious to me that wasn’t that case. Overall, I am pleased with his competence, integrity, and knowledge as there seems there isn’t anything he can’t answer! lol …

Sincerely, Paulette O (NBA Mom)

Need help? Call our amazing, highly expertise team at (646) 322-2653

With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that Firm Fit Inc is focused on helping you become the best you possible through health & fitness.

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